An incredible sweetness without any calories

Stevia leaves contain natural components known as steviol glycosides which are 200x sweeter than sugar but don’t have any calories, so a little goes a long way. That means, at Whole Earth, we can craft delicious sweeteners with little or no calories to replace regular table sugar.


Taste the difference!

Until now, you have probably tasted sweeteners using only one kind of Stevia extract. Pure Via® is one of the only sweetener company’s in the world that uses a special variety of Stevia called Starleaf™. At Pure Via® we use a specific mix of extracts from this leaf, only the very best-tasting ones, to craft our secret formula and deliver a delicious sweet taste. To top it all, our Stevia extracts are all sourced from non-GMO leaves!


Because we want to craft the best for you, we make sure we preserve the quality of our Stevia extracts by using simple techniques and our natural standard. Here’s how:


Step 1: Harvesting

We start by harvesting the leaves from the field and then drying and crushing them to prepare them for Step 2 – Extraction.


Step 2: Extraction

As the name suggests, Stevia extracts are extracted from the dried and crushed Stevia leaves. This step allows us to selectively obtain only the very best-tasting extracts from the leaf, providing a natural sweetness without any of the bitterness commonly experienced with some other stevia extracts.


Step 3: Blending

Then we blend our delicious Stevia extracts with other ingredients sourced from nature like Honey, Agave Syrup or Monk Fruit to deliver a great tasting sweetness with little or no calories per serving.